Tourist arrivals increase by 56.4% so far in 2022

Ministry of Tourism in their latest update confirms that the tourist arrivals to Maldives reached a total of 24,527 as of 05 January 2022.

Furthermore, this indicates a growth in tourist arrivals by 56.4% when compared with the corresponding period in 2021 – during which it reached 15,680.

On the other hand tourist arrivals for the current year observed a growth of 10.3% when compared with the same period in 2019 during which the arrival total stood at 22,121.

However, the tourist arrival total so far in 2022 is still 10.75% lower than compared to the same period in 2020 during which the arrival total stood at 27,314.

India has receded in top source market rankings, from first spot to hit fourth place. Russia has once again moved back to the top spot while the country accounts for 27.3% of all the tourist arrivals to Maldives so far – as of 05 January, a total of 6,700 Russians have flown in to the island nation.

Italy is currently in the second spot which was previously held by the current top most source market. So far a total of 3,162 tourists have arrived in Maldives from Italy which amounts to 12.9% while Germany is consistent in third spot with 1,665 arrivals so far which is 6.8% of the total arrivals.

Meanwhile, India which is fourth spot had a total of 1,480 tourists arrive from the country to the Maldives so far which accounts for 6.0% of the total tourist arrivals while United Kingdom is currently in fifth spot with 1,475 arrivals so far.

The previous fifth strongest source market, United States has completely relegated off of top ten source market list owing to worsening Omicron conditions rendering international travel moot in the States.

Moreover, a total of 161 resorts, 624 hotels and guesthouses and 145 safari vessels are in operational capacity which brings the combined operational bed capacity to 53,166.

In addition to this a total 29 international carriers are currently operating to the Maldives which include Edelweiss, Emirates, Aeroflot, Fly Dubai, British Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways among several others.