Tourist arrivals to Maldives observe 52.9% increment in Jan 2022


Tourist arrivals to the Maldives saw visible increment in 2022 | Photo: Avas Online

The latest updates from Ministry of Tourism confirm that the total number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives as of 12 January reached 55,055.

Moreover, the tourist arrivals for the review period is a 52.9% improvement compared to the same period in 2021 during which the tourist arrivals stood at 36,003.

However, the total number of tourist arrivals for the review period is still 19.99% below the arrival count in 2020 during which it stood at 67,281 while it was 2.03% below when compared with same period in 2019 during which the arrival total stood at 56,186.

Meanwhile, the daily arrival average so far in 2022 stands at 4,588 while the average duration of stay so far in the current year increased to 9.1 days.

The average duration of stay in 2021 stood at 8.7 days in annual terms and in 2020, it was at 7.2 days while in 2019 it stood at 6.3 days in annual terms.

Russia stands as the top source market with 11,007 total arrivals to the Maldives so far, which is 20.0% of all tourist arrivals to the island nation. Italy is ranked second with 4,313 total arrivals so far, which is 7.8% of the total arrivals to the country.

United Kingdom is the third strongest source market to the Maldives with 3,085 arrivals while India is fourth ranked with 3,075 arrivals. Both these countries contributed 5.6% each towards the total number of tourist arrivals to Maldives so far in 2022.