STELCO reveal plans on initiating solar power system in Gulhi


The Managing Director of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) has revealed the corporation’s plan on setting up a new solar powered electricity grid at Kaafu atoll Gulhi.

Moreover, the front-man of STELCO had stated that under the project, the utility corporation aims to install a fully integrated solar power system in the island to meet the growing electricity demands.

STELCO MD Mr. Hassan Mughnee further stated that over the past three years, the demand for electricity in Gulhi increased by 12% in light of booming guesthouse and other business ventures.

Mr. Mughnee revealed the corporation’s plans during the inauguration ceremony to officially commence operation of the new water and sewerage system in Gulhi.

According to the STELCO honcho, government’s ambition on providing renewable energy resources to the public remain at the forefront which the utility provider aims to realize through innovative initiatives.

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