Prez. Solih inaugurates special memorial service for former STELCO chairman

President of Maldives, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has officially inaugurated a special memorial service for the former Chairman of State Electric Company (STELCO), the late Mr. Mohamed Rasheed.

The special memorial for the former STELCO Chairman was officiated on Tuesday morning, 08 February 2022, at the corporation’s headquarters.

The late Mr. Rasheed is a highly decorated engineer and a highly regarded figure in the Maldivian utility sector for his lengthy tenure of more than fifty years of service at STELCO.

In his condolence message, President Solih had noted the feats and achievements made by the late Mr. Rasheed and acknowledged him as a major pioneer in the Maldivian utility sector.

President Solih credited the late Mr. Rasheed for his contribution to the growth and expansion of the utility sector in the Maldives, while the Maldives head of state recognized the former Chairman for his perseverance, punctuality, and dedication.

He further laid praise for the former Chairman for his work ethic and loyal conduct.

Mr. Hassan Mughnee, the current Managing Director of STELCO acknowledged the half-a-decade service and dedication of Mr. Rasheed and noted that the former Chairman entered the utility sector straight after his education and continued to serve in the industry until his demise.

Apart from the Maldives head of state and STELCO front-man, the ceremony was attended by senior officials and board members of STELCO as well as by the family members of the late Mr. Rasheed.

Mr. Rasheed passed away on 26 December 2021 due to a terminal illness. He first joined STELCO through an apprenticeship back in 1971 and continued to rise up the ranks over the next five decades.

During his long tenure, Mr. Rasheed served in multiple positions including as an engineer, Deputy Director, Executive Director, Assistant Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, and as STELCO’s Chief Executive Officer.

On 12 February 2019, Mr. Rasheed was eventually appointed as the board’s Chairman, a position in which he continued to serve until his demise.