STO imports lemon; reduces and maintains affordable prices

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State Trading Organization (STO) has stepped into reduce the overly hiked prices of lemon in the Maldivian market; owing to rising demands.

The state-owned enterprise stepped in with lemon imports in a bid to reduce the significantly inflated prices of lemon to ensure affordability for local consumers.

Moreover, STO notes that the hike in price amid Ramadan will create several detriments for the consumer base since the month is notable for price ‘pumps’ in all consumer goods categories.

Meanwhile, STO has confirmed that the reduced rate of lemons in the Maldivian market will now be MVR45 per kilogram – which will be sold at a per kilogram per basis from outlets while a minimum of 3 kilograms per person will be sold from STO AgriCenter; a decision that reflects the rise in demand of the produce amid Ramadan.

Due to scarcity of imports and drop in the availability of foreign lemon produce in the Maldivian market, prices on the commodity had rocketed up to MVR120 to MVR150 per kilogram in recent days.

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