Fish prices drop once more in Ramadan


Local reports confirm that the fish prices in the Maldivian market has once again dropped owing to increased fishing volume.

As per local news, oceanic fish such as skipjack tuna and bonitos were currently selling between prices of MVR25 to MVR30 per kilogram; reflective of the abundance in their availability.

However, despite the increment in fish volume for the said oceanic fish types, the availability of yellowfin tuna still remains comparatively scarce since the commodity is still sold between MVR60 to MVR80 per kilogram.

At the beginning of Ramadan, fish prices were mainly held between MVR60 to MVR80 per kilogram or above for major oceanic fish commodities, which had gone down between MVR40 to MVR45 per kilogram during last week.

On the other hand, the popular bait fish known in local tongue as ‘Rehi’ which was sold for MVR30 per kilogram is currently sold at MVR15 per kilogram.