STELCO to systemize expunge for utility bill overdue fines

The Managing Director of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) Mr. Ahmed Shareef emphasizes on new efforts to systemize waive offs on overdue bills.

According to Mr. Shareef, who had been making rigorous and progressive changes since taking office, the policy aims to facilitate a system of expunging electricity bills that have gone long-overdue.

Mr. Shareef had earlier, commenced an extensive research into the state-owned utility company to assess areas of improvement, and had discovered specific areas that required “additional tweaking.”

While acknowledging the sophisticated and meticulous worth ethics and corporate policies prevalent in STELCO, Mr. Shareef further added that the room for improvement was always a crucial element.

Furthermore, the utility provider’s front man had identified consumer related policies of the company had lacked definition or depth in certain areas and were in need of adequate upgrades.

One such area in need of significant revamp that Mr. Shareef identified was the overdue bills, or outstanding payments due to significant hindrances consumers face.

“If consumers are fined for issues that are not under their control when settling utility bills, or they were not made privy to the fines or conditions that may lead to it, so we need a policy that would protect the rights of those who are being fined unduly,” Mr. Shareef noted.

Other planned upgrades in the company include updating the application forms used in STELCO for consumer services, which Mr. Shareef identified as “outdated.”

Meanwhile, the organizational structure observed significant changes under the incumbent tutelage of Mr. Shareef with the introduction of two new managerial departments which includes a designated department for renewable energy.