MMPRC promotes Maldives at Adventure Elevate 2022


MMPRC has promoted the Maldives at the AdventureElevate 2022 travel fair held in the United States.

The premier tourism promoter of the island nation promoted Maldives as the “World’s Leading Destination” at the travel trade event which took place from 03 to 05 May 2022 at Oregon, US.

The three-day event was hosted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). Through the event MMPRC participated in collaborative learning, ideated on innovative solutions and took part in “conversations on how to change the world for better through travel.”

MMPRC maintained its marketing policy of promoting the Maldives as a tourism safe haven for travelers, highlighting its unique geographical advantage.

The United States is a popular tourist market to the Maldives with a total of 55,760 US travelers reported of arriving in the island nation in 2021, as per the Ministry of Tourism.

Meanwhile, travelers from the US in 2022 so far have reached 24,171 making it the sixth strongest source market to the Maldives.