Maldives welcomes more than 620k tourists so far


Photo: Mihaaru

The latest updates from Ministry of Tourism confirm that the total number of tourists arriving in the Maldives has exceeded 620,000 as of 11 May 2022.

According to the ministry, total number of tourist arrivals by the review date stood at 628,709 indicating a 47.1% increment in comparison with the same period in 2021 during which it was observed at 481,579.

However, the tourist arrivals in annual terms was still 8.6% below pre-pandemic levels during which it stood at 687,491.

Meanwhile, tourist arrivals from 01 to 11 May were recorded at 51,919, indicating an improvement of 80.2% compared to the same period in 2021, during which it stood at 28,809.

Moreover, arrivals in 2019 for the same period was observed at 41,399 which indicated a 25.4% improvement in 2022.

As for source markets, United Kingdom is currently ranked first with 80,102 annual arrivals so far while India is ranked second with 79,562 arrivals so far.

Furthermore, Russia continues to stick on third position with 60,533 arrivals so far while the recommencement of the country’s national carrier, Aerflot’s operations to Maldives after a two-month hiatus will likely improve the numbers the prospective future.