Expenditures hit MVR14.0bn, revenues at MVR11.1bn


Minister of Finance Mr. Ibrahim Ameer

Ministry of Finance in its latest Weekly Fiscal Developments confirmed that the cumulative total of state expenditure has reached MVR14,047.3 million (MVR14.0 billion) as of 26 May 2022.

Meanwhile, the state revenues inclusive of foreign grants reached MVR11,136.3 million (MVR11.1 billion) by the review date.

The overall balance for the period is a deficit of MVR2,911.0 million (MVR2.9 billion).

Furthermore, the cumulative total of tax revenues reached MVR7,928.7 million (MVR7.9 billion) and the cumulative total of non tax revenues reached MVR3,157.3 million (MVR3.2 billion).

On the other hand, state’s recurrent expenditure is at MVR10,585.6 million (MVR10.6 billion) and capital expenditure’s cumulative total is at MVR3,461.6 million (MVR3.5 billion).