Tourist arrivals to Maldives exceed over 700k


Tourism industry remains a major catalyst to state revenue growth

The latest update from Ministry of Tourism confirm that the total tourist arrivals to the Maldives have exceeded over 700,000.

As per the statistical update from the ministry, tourist arrivals have reached 706,468 as of 01 June 2022, indicating a 55.0% increment on annual terms.

However, tourist arrivals in annual terms were still below 6.1% compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019 during which arrival total stood at 752,650.

Moreover, in May 2022 exclusively the total tourist arrivals stood at 125,522 indicating a 94.3% increase when compared to the same month in 2021 during which arrivals in the month stood at 64,613.

On the other hand, tourist arrivals in May 2019 were recorded at 103,023 indicating a 21.8% increment in May 2022.

Meanwhile, the daily arrival average in June 2022 stood at 4,146 while the daily arrival average in annual terms reached 4,648. Additionally the average duration of guest stay dropped to 7.2-days in May from 8.1 days in April.

Below are the source market details as of the review date;

  • India – 99,614 arrivals
  • United Kingdom – 88,043 arrivals
  • Russia – 67,088 arrivals
  • Germany – 59,731 arrivals
  • Italy – 45,198 arrivals
  • United States – 33,297 arrivals
  • France – 28,491 arrivals
  • Switzerland – 17,533 arrivals
  • Saudi Arabia – 15,371 arrivals
  • Austria – 12,857 arrivals

While the total number of tourist properties in the Maldives inclusive resorts, guesthouses and safari vessels have reached 1,185, the operational capacity of total tourist avenues are at 974.

On the other hand the tourism industry has a collective total of 60,657 beds out of which 54,852 are at operational capacity.