STO introduces “Green Cement” to Maldives market


State Trading Organization (STO) introduces “Green Cement” which is a low-carbon alternative to the conventional cement products, to the Maldivian market.

The low-carbon alternative is described as a positive step towards eco-friendly practices in the island nation; especially in the construction and infrastructure development sector.

Currently, the heaviest impact on the environment originates from construction industry activities due to the utilization of conventional concrete that uses hazardous chemicals and strong numbers.

Meanwhile, STO has noted that the “Green Cement” will effectively help in reduction of environmental degradation, as the low-carbon cement have lower levels of hydration heat compared to conventional concrete.

Additionally, the eco-friendly alternative will reportedly reduce CO2 emissions between 10 to 15%.

Low-carbon concrete was first developed by Denmark cement manufacturers in 1998. The manufacturers had identified that the cement use comparatively less energy resources and are produced using recycled raw materials.

The low-carbon cement makes use of ground granulated blaster-furnace slag (GGBS) instead of concrete ingredients.