AFCONS to contract extra engineers to speed up bridge project


AFCONS Infrastructure revealed that it will be contracting additional engineers to expedite the construction of Thilamale’ Bridge project.

According to the project contractor, it will be hiring additional engineers to ensure the construction of bridge structure linking Male’ City with Vilimale’ finishes on the contractually agreed time – which falls for July 2023.

Meanwhile, this confirmation was made during a press conference held at the main headquarters of AFCONS in India amid local reporters. The reporters had recently made a visit to the South Asian ally.

Furthermore, senior officials of AFCONS had met with the Maldivian media delegation during their visit to India.

AFCONS revealed that the construction process of the bridge will follow the plan accordingly and expects to complete the linking of Male’ City with Vilimale’ by the aforementioned period.

It also added that the construction of bridge structure to link Vilimale’ with Gulhifalhu will be completed by December 2023 and the construction of bridge between Gulhifalhu and Thilafushi will conclude by¬† December 2024.