Delayed jet fuel stock arrives; relieves MACL’s supply pressure

State Trading Organization (STO) confirms the arrival of the delayed jet fuel stock to the Maldives, giving relief to suppliers.

The company’s Managing Director and CEO Mr. Hussain Amru confirms the tanker carrying the jet fuel stock berthed at the commercial harbor earlier.

STO’s confirmation of the new stock arrival dampens pressure on Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) that had been at a demand-against-supply quagmire.

Earlier, MACL reported that the sudden spike in jet fuel demands was presenting heavy challenges for the company as Velana International Airport (VIA) was forced to facilitate jet fuel with restrictions.

The restrictions were necessary to ensure airliners were receiving jet fuel without any exclusions as the demand spike reflected on the quantity of fuel supplied from VIA that went up from 10,000 liters per day to 40,000 liters per day.

Moreover, this demand is also a direct result of Sri Lankan airports ceasing their respective plane refueling services as the neighboring island nation is currently suffering one of its worst economic drivels.

Meanwhile, MACL reports that the new fuel farm at VIA is expected to open in September which will expand its current storage capacity from 15 million liters to 60 million liters in total.