New ice-plants to boost fisheries sector next year

A fish ice-plant


Maldives set to establish 12 new ice-plants to benefit fishermen next year, Fisheries Ministry revealed.

The ice-plants, which help keep landed fish in premium quality, are being developed in Ha. Dhidhdhoo, Sh. Komandoo, A.A Rasdhoo, Dh. Meedhoo, M. Mulah, and G.A Gemanafushi. Additional ice-plants are also planned for L. Maamendhoo, L. Maabaidhoo, G.DH Rathafandhoo, G.DH Fiyoari and G.A Gadhdhoo.

The majority of ice-plants will produce 25 tons of high quality ice per day, with the exception of M. Mulah, G.A Gemanafushi and G.Dh Gadhdhoo which will have capacity unto 50 tons.

The government has launched ice-plants elsewhere in the country in efforts to help fishing communities to keep their catches fresh. However, as fishermen spend longer periods at sea, to reduce dependency on ice-plants the government is also establishing refrigerated sea water systems on fishing vessels.

Photo by Masverin