PSM, Sun as Media Partners for Maldives Business Awards

Public Service Media (PSM) and Sun Media have signed in on as partners for Blazon Inc.’s Maldives Business Awards.

The agreements with the media partners were signed on Thursday.

Blazon Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Hasan A. Hilmy, PSM Deputy Managing Director Mohamed Ikram and Sun Media’s Chief Operating Officer Minha Faiz signed the agreement on behalf of their respective companies.

Speaking to media after signing the agreement, PSM Deputy Managing Director Mohamed Ikram assured that all the events of the Maldives Business Awards will be broadcast live on PSM.

‘As the awards run by Blazon Inc. PSM’s main aim was to give the most promotion to their activities, bring the best coverage of those events and bring the most coverage through our broadcast. With the will of God, we hope to broadcast the whole event live. Additionally, we will also be bringing coverage of preparations and other related coverage of the awards,’ said Ikram.

Sun Media COO Minha Faiz reported that signing with Maldives Business Awards was a sign that their efforts in promoting businesses across the nation was recognized.

She added that full coverage of Maldives Business Awards will be made across SunFM, SunTV, Sun Online and Maldive Islands magazine.

Blazon Inc.’s CEO Hasan A. Hilmy said that Blazon was proud to have partnered with PSM and Sun Media to bring the coverage of Maldives Business Awards. He added that he was assured that the awards will become a success with the assistance of the two media partners.

As per the agreements signed on Thursday, both PSM and Sun will bring coverage of all events under the Maldives Business Awards, both online and broadcast.

Maldives Business Awards is an annual award given to businesses across the nation who exemplify excellence in their respective fields. The awards are a first in the country as the award seeks to recognize and encourage businesses in all fields of the economy.

The awards are endorsed and supported by Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Maldives Monetary Authority, JCI Maldives, Maldives Media Institute, Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators and Women on Boards.

There will be several ceremonies and events as part of the Maldives Business Awards, culminating in a grand gala night, which is to be held in July of this year.

Maldives Business Awards is an initiative of Blazon Inc., the parent company of Maldives Business Review.