Maldives Business Awards to launch on May 23!

Blazon Inc. has revealed that the company’s Maldives Business Awards will be launched on May 23.

Initially the launch was scheduled for May 14th. However, due to certain factors the company had passed to hold the event at a later date.

‘The Awards recognizes excellence demonstrated by businesses. We wished to accommodate as many industry stakeholders as possible. Based on this and the current weather we made the decision to hold the launch event at a later date,’ Blazon Inc. reported.

Maldives Business Awards are given to those businesses who had consistently demonstrated excellence in their respective sectors. The Awards also seeks to recognize their contribution to the nation’s economy and set a standard for other businesses to aspire to.

There are six stages to the judging process. Blazon Inc. reported that a Judging Panel and an Advisory Body will oversee all the stages. The Judges Panel consists of individuals who have had practical experience in running businesses, while the Advisory Board is composed of individuals who have had years of experience in policy making.