USAID seeks solutions to develop tourism under climate change adaptation


Kuda Villingili Resort in the Maldives’ North MalĂ© atoll / KUDA VILLINGILI RESORT

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has opened the opportunity to propose solutions to develop the tourism sector under the Climate Adaptation Project in the Maldives.

Climate Adaptation Project was launched by USAID through partnership with Tetra Tech in August 2021. USAID’s Climate Change Adaptation activity will build the capacity of the private sector, civil society, and government to respond and adapt to climate change in ways that contribute to sustained, inclusive, market-based growth. It will help identify and scale up innovative solutions to climate-related challenges, strengthen governance to address climate-related risks, and improve access to high-quality information for decision-making to reduce vulnerability to climate change.

USAID said a country like the Maldives require sustainable solutions and ways to continue the tourism sector with climate threats such as rising sea levels, coastal storms, coastal erosion and coral destruction.

Qualified organizations, NGOs, CSO (community-based organizations) and private sector organizations operating in the Maldives will be able to participate in the program and offer solutions, USAID said.

Participation in the program is in two stages; first, the concept of how to adapt tourism to climate threats must be submitted before the end of next month, and second, the best selected individuals from the proposed concepts must submit an application form before July next year.

The project focuses on new ways and solutions to be used in tourism sector development. These include the use of state-of-the-art technology, the packaging and delivery of goods in the business chains.

USAID said they encourage the participation of local government authorities and the private sector partnerships, such as island councils and women’s development committee.

The Agency will provide funds for the development of the best concepts that meet USAID standards. Five grants will be awarded between USD 50,000 and USD 200,000 for a period of two years, for the concept applicants.