Alcyon Bakery’s founder passes away at 80

Pioneer of bakery business in the Maldives, “Dhunburi” Hassan Manik died at ADK Hospital this Thursday night, July 21.

“Dhunburi” Hassan Manik was the owner of Alcyon bakery, renowned for it’s bread and buns in the capital Male’. He started the business in the 1960s, and he was recognised for his efforts to expand the industry with the introduction of machinery with an award from the government of Maldives.

He also contributed generously towards the community. Most famously, he built a mosque in maafannu ward of Male’ City, now known as Dhunburi mosque. He was known for his kindness and generosity, extending it towards the poor and the needy.

Condolences have poured out for him on social media as people mourn his loss. Some have also written about his services to the people.

“Dhunburi Hassan Manik was providing help to the poor that needed to go abroad for help under a proper structure, even before Aasandha (government’s welfare scheme). May these actions be the reason he is sent to heaven by Allah. Please grant the family patience.” said one Facebook user.

His funeral was held after Friday prayers.



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