Freedive Maldives opens applications from SOE clubs for world record attempt


Freedive Maldives opens for applications from state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for its free-diving world record attempt.

Freedive Maldives is organising ‘Neyvaa 2’ (Neyva: breath in local language Dhivehi), a free diving event aiming to win the Guiness World Record for ‘most people performing static apnea simultaneously’, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism. The event will celebrate 50 years of tourism in the Maldives.

The organisers have opened for applications from SOE’s clubs, its official news partner Mihaaru reported on Sunday. Training events for new participants are scheduled to take place with event organisers.

Static apnea is the free diving practice of holding breath under water while floating at the surface. Earlier,

Eleven resorts have also participated in the event, alongside government entities and public. Neyvaa 2 is scheduled to take place in October.

In 2019, Freedive Maldives’s ‘Neyvaa’ event earned the Guiness World Record for most number of people free diving at the same time. 520 participants joined the historical event, including President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.