MTCC projects underway at fast pace in Rasmaadhoo, Feydhoo, Maalhos


AA. Maalhos Harbour Development Project (Photo / MTCC)

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) revealed their projects in three islands are underway at a fast pace towards completion.

MTCC gave an update on the shore protection in Raa Atoll Rasmaadhoo, the harbour development project in Shaviyani Atoll Feydhoo and the harbour development project in Alif Alif Atoll Maalhos.

Shore Projection Project in R. Rasmaadhoo

R. Rasmaadhoo Shore Protection Project (Photo / MTCC)

On the shore projection project of R. Rasmaadhoo, MTCC said they have completed 42% of the shore protection project. The second shipment of rock for the project has now been delivered to the project site.

Under the project, groyne will be installed to an area of 336 meters. The total project costs MVR 11.6 million.

Habour Development Project in Sh. Feydhoo

Sh. Feydhoo Harbour Development Project (Photo / MTCC)

Giving an update on Sh. Feydhoo, MTCC said they are starting the road paving under the project. The full shipment of concrete stone for the roadbed has now been delivered to the project site, MTCC said.

Under the project, an area of 27,500 cubic meters of port will be dredged. 276 meters of road will be paved and 90 meters of revetment will be installed. In addition, 378 meters of outer harbour and 1380 acres of harbor pavement will be constructed. MTCC said the project will also include installation of harbour lights and street lights. The project is worth MVR 35.6 million.

Harbour Development Project in AA. Maalhos

AA. Maalhos Harbour Development Project (Photo / MTCC)

Sixty percent of the Maalhos harbour development project has been completed, the contractor of the project, MTCC, said. The project was awarded to MTCC on November 10, 2021 at a cost of MVR 56.9 million.

Giving the latest update on the project, MTCC said today that the outer harbour work has been completed and the groyning work will start this week.

Under this project, 24,335 cubic meters of port will be dredged, 394 meters of road embankment, a 407-metre outer dike will be laid, revetment will be installed in an area of 100 metres, 56 m area of groynes will be installed, 1970 acres of pavement will be constructed, a ramp will be built, and port lights will be installed.