Tourist arrivals in Maldives nearing one million


Tourists arriving in Maldives post-COVID19 (Photo /

The number of tourist arrivals in Maldives so far this year has reached more than 942,000, according to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, 990,761 tourists visited Maldives from January to July 30, 2019 before the outbreak of the coronavirus. In 2020, 384,456 tourists visited during the period, and during the same period last year, 607,052 tourists visited the country.

According to the Ministry, a total of 942,444 tourists have visited Maldives a so far this year. India has the highest number of tourists visiting Maldives. The UK is second on the list, with Russia as the third.

A total of 163 resorts are open to tourists and 834 guesthouses are operating. There are 155 safaris offering tourism services.

Last year, 1,321,932 tourists visited Maldives, with the largest number coming from India. The previous year, more than 555,000 tourists visited. In 2019, 1,702,887 tourists visited the country, before COVID-19 outbreak.

The Ministry of Tourism aims to attract two million tourists before the end of this year.