MediaNet to broadcast four biggest European football league matches


Promotional Poster by MediaNet

European football is the most enthusiastically watched sport in the Maldives. The new season for the major leagues are just days away. MediaNet will be broadcasting the matches live on it’s Ice Channels.

Ice will broadcast matches from four popular leagues; English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, and French Ligue 1.

The four league matches will be broadcast on three Ice channels. The channels are:

  • Ice TV (Channel 100)
  • Ice Sports (Channel 102)
  • Ice Plus (Channel 888)

MediaNet’s MSTV or MS Lite subscribers will also have the opportunity to watch any matches without missing a beat. Using the ‘catch-up’ feature on MSTV and MS Lite, customers can rewind and watch the matches.

Customers can watch the matches wherever and whenever by subscribing to MediaNet’s MS Digital mobile application or purchasing a MediaNet QuickPay voucher.

European football is expected to be more exciting this season. English Premier League is scheduled to start on Friday, August 6. French Ligue 1 on Saturday, August 7. Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A is scheduled to kick off Saturday, August 13, a week later than the former two leagues.