Finland International School Placements Filling Up Fast

The new Finland International School set to open in Maldives has revealed that 60 percent of seats have been filled in for all the grades within 48 hours of opening registration.

The international school which will be operated in the Maldives by Educonnect, will have Finnish teachers and a Finland management. Managing Director of Educonnect, Adhlee Rasheed stated that the pre-registration at the school was well received by parents.

The international school is registration for students in grades one through four. Registration is set to close on 17th of this month. Adhlee stated that after registration closes, if there are any placements, it will be opened for Billabong students first before opening again for the public.

Adhlee revealed that next year, they will operate both Billabong High International School and the Finland International School at the Dream Campus. He assured that no students will be left out because of the new changes, and stated that the students can study upto grade five at the campus.

Adhlee also added that in the upcoming days, students will only be registered at Finland International School for dream campus. As such, the grades one through five currently being taught at the campus will be managed entirely by Finland International School in future, according to Adhlee.