Hassan Marine unveils ‘Pontoon Boat’ at Marine Expo


Pontoon Boat unveiled by the Hassan Marine (Photo / Mihaaru)

Hassan Marine launched pontoon boat aimed for the tourism industry. They unveiled a “Harvey Craft” pontoon boat at Marine Expo held from August 11-13.

Speaking about the new boat in the market, the company’s General Manager Mahmood Ziaau said the boat has two hulls unlike other speed boats. He further said the boat can be configured as desired and the parts are imported and installed separately.

Ziaau said as tourism is expanding in Maldives, such a boat will help provide a luxury experience to tourists. He noted the ship can easily plan a “candlelight dinner” or a fishing trip, and the ship’s seats can be arranged to suit the activity.

In addition to the new boat unveiling, Hassan Marine displayed many products at the Expo. Their biggest product, the Mercury Engine, was displayed in ranges. The engine is a great American product, the company said. It is also a low-petrol, gear-efficient engine. The company sells engines in various ranges up to 500 horsepower.

The company showcased various brands of engine products at the Marine Expo including Quicksilver lubricant, various accessories and various types of propellers. The in-house lighting system used in the launches was also on display.