Horizon Fisheries introduces two new canned ‘Mas-huni’ products

Horizon Fisheries introduces two new canned Maandhoo Mas-huni products (Photo / Horizon)

Horizon Fisheries has introduced two new canned products of Maandhoo “Mas-huni”.

They introduced “Zero Chili” for non-spicy food lovers and “Extra Spicy” for those who want to eat spicy. Horizon said it launched two new products to provide canned food for everyone.

The company started selling canned ‘Mas-huni’ last year. They said the newly introduced varieties of the ‘Mas-huni’ is to make it easily available in the market as it is a popular breakfast choice in the country.

The company introduced the two new ‘Mas-huni’ products at the Marine Expo held from August 11-13. The company’s Seafood Plus products were also showcased at the expo.