No Reason for Price Hikes Over Clearance: MPL

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) says that prices should not escalate over clearance issues, citing that they have amped their operations by threefold.

MPL Assistant Chief Operating Officer and Head of Operations Raabih Mohamed said that MPL had always prioritized on cargo clearance. As such he assured that MPL focused on faster clearance days before the start of Ramadan.

He noted that in the past year, 10 days before the start of Ramadan, they had cleared 36,000 packages from five vessels. This year, this figure had increased by threefold, to 76,000 packages from 15 vessels over a period of 10 days. He further noted that priority was given to water and basic food staples clearance in North Harbor and T-Jetty areas.

Therefore, Raabih said that there would not be any cargo stored in MPL warehouses, shooting down speculation that price hikes were caused by delays in cargo clearance.

MPL Head of Cargo Clearance Ahmed Inan said MPL had enough vehicles for clearance. He also said goods will be cleared as they are offloaded from the vessels. All goods offloaded from vessels will be cleared that day. Given the changes to timings of bulk transportation in capital Male’, packages are temporarily stored in MPL and dispatched out when roads open, he added. Inan further added that time between offloading and clearance is now less than 24 hours.

Daily, 388 lorries and 28 boats dispatch packages cleared from around 200 containers measuring 20 feet, MPL said.