MIFCO Assures Availability of Fish Products during Ramadan

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has assured that fish products will be available throughout Ramadan.

The company stated that they have sold a majority of the 80,000 canned fish cases they introduced to the market prior to Ramadan. MIFCO will continue to provide canned fish and fresh fish products at their stores all through Ramadan, according to the company.

“We believe that our canned tuna products will be available throughout the nation because we have sold a majority of our shipment. However, the demand for canned fish is at an all-time high during Ramadan,” Managing Director of MIFCO, Adhlee Ismail stated.

He added that MIFCO is currently packing 50 tons of fish at their factory every day, assuring there won’t be a shortage of fish products this Ramadan. Adhlee stated that they are making arrangements to ensure fresh, smoked and canned tuna will be available for customers at all times.

“If fisheries is good, we will have an endless stock of fresh tuna. At present we have a large stock of smoked tuna. We shipped stock to Male’ based on last Ramadan’s demands. We are continually working towards providing our customers with fresh tuna because the fisheries in the south is doing well,” Adhlee stated.

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