Maldives Prepares To Open Marine Discovery Center

Singha Estate has announced that they will be opening a Marine Discovery Center under the ‘Crossroads Maldives’ in Emboodhoo Falhu project.

Under the first phase of the project, two resorts are to open in Emboodhoo Falhu in the fourth quarter of the year. The Marine Discovery Center will be opened in the first phase of the project. The entire Emboodhoo Falhu project is valued at US$ 800 million.

‘Maldives is one of our strategic locations. The project is located near Male’. Presently we have our team of marine biologists in the Maldives, carrying out the preliminaries,’ Singha Estate reported.

The Estate presently runs a Discovery Center in Thailand’s Krabi province. The Estate noted that the purpose of opening a Center was for environmental protection and to provide information on environment to the public, as well as fostering a role for private sector in such initiatives. The concept is run quite well in the Center in Thailand, which has proven to be a success among students.