New power plant opened in Uligan after 26 years

Haa Alif Atoll Uligan received the services of a new power plant after twenty-six years. Fenaka has started the operation of the new power plant built in the island

Fenaka on Sunday said the previous powerhouse in Uligan was served by a small power plant of 70 acres in the residential area. However, the new power plant was built away from the residential area, and the place is also larger in size, the electric company said.

The new power plant covers 304.5 acres and will employ four employees. The office separate from the power plant is 158.2 acres. It can accommodate 25 employees at a time.

Previously, the island was supplied with electricity by a 336 kW engine. The new power plant now supplies electricity with 458 kW engine.

The new power plant is designed to accommodate three 400 kW engines. This is the 31st power plant relocated and opened by Fenaka Corporation.