Blazon Launches Maldives Business Awards

Blazon Inc. has launched the Maldives Business Awards.

The Awards were launched by Registrar of Companies, Maryam Wisam, in a ceremony held in Hulhule’ Island Hotel on Wednesday, 23rd May.

Speaking in the ceremony, Wisam congratulated Blazon for the initiative, focusing on the importance of such an Award and how it can generate positive impact on the economy. She also noted that it was high time that an award of this stature was held.

Blazon Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Hasan A. Hilmy, Chief Financial Officer Ahmed Saruvash Adam and Chief Strategy Officer Ahmed Asbaab gave presentations on the changing economic landscape in the country, potential growth in the economy and why Maldives Business Awards was vital to the economy.

Speaking to Maldives Business Review, officials from Blazon Inc. reported that the Maldives Business Awards seeks to recognize excellence in various sectors in the Maldives. The Awards will be the first of it’s kind in the Maldives, supported by an Advisory Board and a Judges Panel. All nominations will undergo a rigorous evaluation process.

The Awards will be given out in four areas; Industry Excellence, Individual Excellence, Enterprise Excellence and Elite Awards.

Website for nominations will be launched soon.