Nadella gets a new powerhouse after nearly three decades

The new powerhouse (up) and the old powerhouse (below) in GDh. Nadella (Photo / Fenaka)

Fenaka Corporation has opened a new powerhouse in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Nadella.

The new powerhouse was opened on August 4. Fenaka shut down the old powerhouse, which operated for the past 27 years.

The new power plant have an area of 223.80 acres, with 15.26 acres allocated for office area. The land area of the previous power plant in Nadella was 120 acres.

The newly constructed power plant has a generator capacity of 538 kW. It is designed to accommodate three 400 kW generators.

These power plants have deg rooms, control rooms, work shops, stores, pantries, toilets, chimneys, day tanks, diesel tanks, while the office has meeting rooms, manager rooms, reception and lobby, general office, store rooms, pantries and toilets.

Fenaka said the old powerhouse was situated in the residential area, which caused disturbances to the public. The new powerhouse is constructed away from the residential area, solving the excessive noise problem in the residential area.

Nadella residents said they are pleased with the service of the new power plant, adding that Fenaka has ‘brought happiness to the island’.