STO kicks off ‘Magey Hiyaa’ Promotion

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State Trading Organization (STO) on Monday, August 22, launched the latest promotion on retail shopping.

STO People’s Choice, the company’s mall, will offer significant discounts on home appliances and other options under the ‘Magey Hiyaa’ promotion.

The promotion will run under three major categories. STO confirms it’s People’s Choice mall will offer discounts on products from August 22 until November 10.

Discount categories include;

  • Purchases between MVR15,000 to MVR25,000 – 12% discount
  • Purchases between MVR25,000 to MVR35,000 – 15% discount
  • Purchases between MVR35,000 and above – 18% discount

Additional to this, every sale of MVR5,000 and above is subject to a lucky-draw coupon. The winner of this lucky-draw stand to receive a cash prize of MVR50,000, while the second place will land a cash prize of MVR10,000 and third place with MVR5,000 worth gift voucher.

Apart from the grand lucky-draw, STO confirms the promotion will have weekly lucky-draws as well.

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