Fisheries Ministry lowers fishing license fee


Fishermen at work (Photo / PSM)

The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture has reduced the fees for fishing licenses.

The fee reduction came under the new regulations on marine fisheries, According to the newly gazetted law, the license fee will be charged based on the size of the vessel.

According to the new regulations, a vessel fishing for skipjack tuna or yellowfin tuna, will be charged an yearly fee of MVR 500 if it is less than 49 feet. If it is larger than 49 feet, it will be charged MVR 1,500. If a vessel is conducting both types of fishing, the fee for a vessel smaller than 49 feet will be charged MVR 500. However, if it is larger than 49 feet, it will be charged MVR 1,800.

Previously, if the vessel was less than 45 feet, it was charged MVR 600, and MVR 1,200 for vessels from 45 feet to 65 feet. Vessels from 65 feet to 85 feet were charged MVR 1,800 while vessels above 85 feet were charged MVR 3,600.

The newly implemented changes have also led to positive changes in the fees charged for all types of fishing. The fees paid by some sectors have been reduced by 58%.

Fisheries Ministry revealed that the changes in fishing license fees are in line with the views and consultations expressed by fishermen at meetings and forums held to seek their views and consultations on fisheries-related policies.