Morteza Capital Becomes the First Regulated Hotel Investment Manager

Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) has granted Investment Advisor’s License to Morteza Capital Ltd Investment Advisers License to Moretza Capital Ltd.

Morteza Capital is an investment management and advisory firm, focusing in hotel and leisure investment.

With this, Morteza Capital is the second investment manager in the country and the first to be dedicated to hospitality and leisure investment. As of now, Morteza Capital Ltd can structure and manage funds and investments on behalf of private and public entities. The firm noted that this was to provide ‘investors access to investment opportunities mainly in the Maldivian hospitality sector, but also broader plans to invest in diversified industries’.

‘Even though the Maldives is one of the top performing hotel markets in the world, investments into this space have not been very accessible. We hope to change this by offering investors the opportunity to participate in collective investments, managed by a professional team and governed under international best practices,’ Ghaly Murthala, Managing Director of Morteza Capital Ltd said.

Morteza Capital Ltd was formed in the UK in 2015 and is a boutique advisory and management firm specializing in hotel and leisure investments in emerging destinations. The firm is specialized in investment management, advisory services, development and project management services, asset management and investor representation. It is led by a team of Maldivian and international investment professionals with backgrounds in hotel and real estate investment, banking and investment management.