R. Ungoofaaru hands over electricity services to Fenaka Corporation

Ungoofaaru council has handed over it’s electricity services to Fenaka Corporation on Wednesday, becoming the last to handover management to the state on providing electricity.

Since 2009, the Maldivian government has been taking over providing electricity and sanitation services, following concerns that managing and maintaining their own utilities is difficult for local islands.

The decision to handover Ungoofaaru’s electricity services to the state follows challenges by the local council to make the service sustainable and profitable.

Fenaka Corporation is arranging transfer to Ungoofaaru of a 800kW generator, which will provide adequate electricity to all of the islanders.

Ungoofaaru council President Abdulla Rasheed said the decision was made due to the cost of operating the system, after running out of options.

Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan and Environment Minister Aminath Shauna also attended the ceremony, where Minister Shauna noted that the most important next step in the energy sector is to decrease dependency on fuels.