USAID provides grant aid for protection of mangroves, reefs in Baa atoll


USAID and Ministry of Environment signs agreement for grant aid to protect mangroves, wetlands and reefs of Baa Atoll (Photo / PSM)

The United States for International Development (USAID) has signed a MVR 2.4 million grant agreement with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology to increase climate change awareness.

This is the fourth grant agreement signed by USAID this year. It is also the first agreement signed with the Government of Maldives for such work.

The grant aid of over USD155,000 is to support a multi-sectoral, integrated approach to conserving and managing the mangrove and wetlands of Baa Atoll Goidhoo, and the atoll reef system in Goidhoo, Fulhadhoo and Fehendhoo.

The Environment Ministry said the approach will attract private sector investments through the development of eco-tourism products and promoting public-private partnerships.

The ministry added that ocean life and the environment are directly connected to the economy of the country and conserving them is crucial.