Minibus service free-of-charge for persons under four categories


Passengers boarding the mini bus in Male’ City (Photo / MTCC)

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) began their minibus services under Raajje Transport Link (RTL) in Male’ City on September 5, with free-of-charge services for two weeks for everyone. The free-trial was set to end on September 19, however MTCC on Sunday, September 18 announced the RTL mini-bus service will remain free of charge for another two weeks period.

After the free-trial, passengers will be charged for their rides from October 3. However, school students, disabled persons, senior citizens, and children under three years of age will still be able to travel on the minibuses free of charge.

Senior citizens and children under three can show their ID cards to enjoy free rides on minibus, while persons with special needs have to present their NSPA cards. School students will be identified by their respective school uniforms, and they will be able to use the bus for free.

MTCC stated after the free-of-charge period the bus tickets can be booked using the RTL web portal, with tickets priced at MVR 7. The minibus tickets are significantly lower than private transportation such as taxis, which is priced at MVR 30.

The minibus service has become a heavily convenient service by the public. In the first week of the bus service alone, nearly 50,000 people used it. 18 minibuses are used to make ten-minute stops at bus stops established on three routes, which are the Orchid route, Sosun route, and Ameenee route.