World’s first net carbon-neutral integrated tourism resort to be developed in Kaafu Atoll


Concept art of the integrated tourism island to be developed in K. Tholhimarahura (Photo / Khaleej Times)

A Dubai based company has launched the world’s first net carbon-neutral integrated tourism village in Kaafu Atoll Tholhimarahura.

The project, dubbed Projekt Delfin, is being developed by Dubai-based Atoll Estates. The islands developed under the project will be the world’s first luxury resorts to rely entirely on renewable energy and operate under sustainable principles.

The islands, which is to be developed in the south of the Male’ (Kaafu) Atoll, are being developed with great consideration for the environment. The area is 5 km long and 1.35 km wide within a single lagoon. An additional 50 hectares of land will be dredged, the company said. The land will be dredged by removing sand from the deep sea without harming the environment.

The company will also conduct a major coral planting program once the area is dredged. The distance between the resort islands developed in this area will be 500 metres, according to the Atoll Estate. Each resort will be connected by an overwater bridge. The resort islands are a 40-minute speedboat ride from Velana International Airport.

The company aims to complete the project by 2025. Atoll Estate is a joint venture between Russian and UAE investors. The company’s officials have highlighted the importance on such opportunities in a tourism-developed country like Maldives.

K. Tholhimarahura was leased in 2016 through MMPRC. The island was then allocated to Dubai-based Delma. However, later, the island was sold to Dubai’s Atoll Estate Company.