City Council seeks electric buggies to restart public transportation in Villimale’

People using electric buggy for transportation in Villimale’ (Photo / PSM)

Male’ City Council is seeking environmentally friendly electric buggies to restart public transportion services in Villimale’.

The City Council said they are seeking parties to supply six electric buggies for the reintroduction of public transport services in Villimale’, the fifth district of the capital city.

Interested parties are requested to attend the information meeting on the September 28 and submit their bids on the October 5. Local companies, partnerships, local investments and authorized persons are eligible to participate in the bidding.

In August, the city council cancelled the previous agreement due to incompetent services, and approved for a new public transport services in Villimale’.

Motorized road vehicles have been prohibited since the city was inhabited. The district-island has been using environmentally friendly vehicles for public transportation.