Maandhoo limits fish processing, lowers rates


The fisheries complex in Laamu Atoll Maandhoo has limited the amount of fish processing, and reduced the price of the fish. Maandhoo Fisheries Complex is operated by Horizon Fisheries.

According to an announcement issued by Horizon on Wendesday, the company said they will be processing 12 tonnes of fish per vessel. The company said the limit was set to allow as many vessels as possible to weigh and process their catch.

“The limit is likely to change from day to day, depending on the availability of fish,” the announcement said.

With the limitations, the price of fish from Maandhoo has been reduced as well. According to the announcement, current prices are:

  • Above 1.5 kg: Chilled fish – MVR 15.50; Unchilled fish – MVR 13.50
  • Under 1.5 kg: Chilled fish – MVR 7.50; Unchilled fish – MVR 5.50

Maldives’ fisheries have improved significantly since past few weeks, with record catches of tuna across the country. With that, the fisheries complexes are facing difficulties in processing fish, as well as providing required amount of ice to the fishing vessels.

Reportedly some vessels are waiting in queue for three or four days before the catch is weighed and processed. There are reports that some fishermen are throwing back their catch into the sea due to lack of ice.