Electric buses to be added to RTL minibus fleet


Minibuses currently in use under RTL in Male’ City (Photo / MTCC)

The Ministry of Transport is working to acquire environmentally friendly electric buses to strengthen the minibus services in Male’ City.

The first step in the government’s efforts to introduce mini buses to the city was to bring in environmentally friendly electric buses. However, due to delays in acquiring the electric vehicles, the service was commenced with motorized minibuses.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Hamad Abdul Ghani said the initial plan was to bring electric buses. He assured the work is still underway, however, as it takes time and the government has decided to start the service without delay.

“The electric buses are being acquired in as per the plan. However, it is taking time as these types of buses have to be customized and designed in a specific way. Therefore, the government wanted to start the service as soon as possible without delays,” Hamad said.

The mini bus service was launched on September 5. Following two weeks, 120,000 people have traveled on the minibus, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The government is working to make the bus service a reliable and convenient service that the people trust. The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Planning, MTCC and the Male’ City Council are collaborating to ensure this.