India and Switzerland: Potential new markets for tuna exports


Kooddoo Fishing Complex (Photo / MIFCO)

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has revealed they have identified India and Switzerland as potential markets for exporting Maldivian tuna.

High in demand, Maldivian tuna is sought out by various countries. Tuna exports, the highest exported product by Maldives, secured MVR 97 million in August.

Speaking to PSM News, MIFCO CEO Ismail Fauzee said they are already exploring more markets, including the Swiss and Indian markets.

“We are still exploring more markets. We are also working to export tuna to European countries with duty concessions. These include places like Switzerland. Middle East market is also a target we can explore. And there is the Indian market,” Fauzee said.

MIFCO is currently exporting most of its tuna products to the European market. However, Fauzee expressed hopes on India market being successful as there is a huge population in India who prefer seafood products, especially tuna.

MIFCO has exported fish to new markets in the last three years, including Vietnam, North America, Mauritius, France and Germany.