Madaveli’s TS Line sets new fishing record


TS Line at Kooddoo to process their catch (Photo / MIFCO)

TS Line fishing vessel of Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Madaveli has caught a record number of tuna. According to MIFCO, the vessel processed 57.152 tonnes of tuna in Kooddu, setting a new record of tuna caught in one-day.

The income from the TS Line was MVR 971,584 (USD 63,000).

The TS line is a prominent fishing vessel. MIFCO recorded 1095.805 tonnes of fish processed by the vessel last year, which was the highest in 2021.

The previous record for the most tuna caught in a single day was set in 2006 by the Rasmagu of Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo, with 53 tons of tuna.

Speaking to PSM News, MIFCO CEO Ismail Fauzee said the TS line caught the tuna 30 miles off Thinadhoo. The boat has caught and processed a total of 302 tonnes of fish in the past four weeks, Fauzee noted.

MIFCO is currently receiving a hefty number of fishing vessels for tuna processing, and is working to expedite up the processing and reduce the time spent by fishermen in queues.