“On my way to hold my breath in paradise!”


Herbert Nitsch, the Austrian Free Diver known as the “Deepest Man” in the world.

“The Deepest Man”, Herbert Nitsch, who holds the world record for the deepest dive, is on his way to Maldives. He is traveling to Maldives to take part in “Neyvaa”, the biggest free diving event in the world.

FreediveMV, which organizes the event, said Herbert’s involvement in the event would make it more complete and a source of pride for the organizers and participants.

The Austrian diver has broken 33 world records. Herbert, who taught himself to dive, is a legend among divers. He has broken numerous records while diving all over the world.

“Neyvaa 2” is expected to take place on October 1, and it will be recorded by Guinness World Records. A record number of people will hold their breath for two minutes for the first time in history.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of climate change and its effects on the ocean and marine life. “One Breath for the Oceans”, is the motto of the event.

Final preparations for Neyvaa 2 are underway and training for participants and safety buddies has already been completed. About 800 people are expected to participate in the event.

FreediveMVĀ  held a Guinness World Record last year. 521 people participated in the event. The event was the world’s first mass dive to set a world record.