Fourteen regulations drafted to enhance maritime sector


Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has revealed 14 regulations have been drafted along with amendments to existing legislation governing the maritime sector, which includes, environmental protection, seafarers’ safety, welfare, training and certification.

The Ministry of Transport made the announcement in a press release on the occasion of this year’s World Maritime Day.

Maldives is undertaking various efforts to promote the expansion and sustainable development of the maritime transport sector. Over the next three years, 30 officers will receive training under the program for captains and engineers. A shipping company called Maldives State Shipping commenced in 2020, and its works are being strengthened.

According to the Ministry of Transport, 14 significant regulations that would enhance the maritime industry are now being prepared. These rules will cover both the education, training, and qualification requirements mandated by the Convention as well as rules for the protection of the rights of people employed in the maritime transport sector.

The Ministry of Transport believes that this will further enhance the development of those trained to bolster this sector.

Every September 29, Maldives observes Maritime Day as a participant in the International Maritime Organization. “New Technologies for Greener Shipping” is the theme for this year.