Government aims to bring 2 million visitors to Maldives in 2023


The goal is to bring 2 million visitors to Maldives in 2023, said Abdulla Mausoom, Minister of Tourism. The Minister made the remark while addressing at the Asian Development Bank’s 55th Board of Governors Meeting seminar.

Under the theme “Reimagining Tourism: Coming Back from the Brink” Minister Mausoom spoke during the event, highlighting how tourism had recovered after COVID-19.

According to the minister, 47% of the nation’s GDP is generated by tourism. The Minister also mentioned that tourism contributes 46% of the state’s income. Maldives is one of the nations most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minister stated.

The border was shut down on March 27, 2020, however President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih decided to reopen it to travelers on July 15, 2020. The minister said that the closing of other nations’ borders reduced the number of visitors that arrived in Maldives during the first two months of its border blockade. However, since that time, country’s tourism has gradually flourished and stabilized.

The minister stated the people who worked in the tourism industry are the actual reason for the resurgence, noting that country’s tourism industry had recovered by the start of 2021. The Minister added that the growth in sincere and devoted visitors to Maldives has contributed to the revival of the country’s tourism sector.

According to Minister, 10 new resorts will open this year. Currently, three of these resorts have commenced operations. In the future, it is anticipated that 8,000 beds would be made available for tourists annually.

The goal is to draw 1.6 million tourists and generate 13 million bed nights as Maldives tourism sector celebrates 50 years this year. This objective will be accomplished, the minister assured. Minister said the aim is to bring in 2 million visitors in 2023, with 14.5 million bed nights.

The Minister emphasized on the government’s commitment to maintain economic activity despite the spread of COVID-19. The minister said that support has been given to the businesses and workers in the travel and tourism sector.

The Minister stated that the 5th Tourism Master Plan will be implemented the next year. The master plan will concentrate on the goals that tourism has for the following five years.