Fisheries Complex to be developed in Ihavandhoo


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has assured a fisheries complex will be developed in Haa Alif Atoll Ihavandhoo, that will benefit all the islands in Northern atolls.

The President made the remark while speaking at the ceremony to launch “Raajje Transport Link” in Zone 1.

Highlighting on the prospective projects for the Northern Atolls, President noted Ihavandhoo is one of the most thriving economies in the area. The president also stated that the government has several plans to boost the island’s economy.

“The harbour issue and land constrains in Ihavandhoo need to be addressed. These two projects are underway, and hopefully the work of the fisheries complex project will commence in the island next year,” he said.

The government aims to complete the development of the fisheries complex in Ihavandhoo by next year. The complex will be utilized for buying tuna from the fishermen, processing and storing the tuna. Tuna exports abroad and distribution of tuna products to local businesses will also be carried out from the complex.

The government is undertaking various effort to address the issues with fish processing. To increase MIFCO’s capacity, the government is also working to acquire more ships. The government is also working to improve the capacity of MIFCO.