Ooredoo’s ‘Evee’: The first Digital Care Assistant to interact in Dhivehi

Ooredoo Maldives on Monday, October 24, upgraded its Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Digital Care Assistant “Evee” enabling customers to interact with the Digital Assistant in Dhivehi.

Following the upgrade, Ooredoo noted the exciting upgrade to Evee is greatly in line with their new tagline “Upgrade Your World”. The new tagline emphasizes the company’s continued commitment to drive their services to the next level and make it more inclusive through localized communications which connects more with customers.

Ooredoo Maldives’ Digital Assistant, Evee enables mobile users in the Maldives to easily engage with Ooredoo via 929 hotline to check data, SMS, Voice and bill balances. Additionally, Evee enables mobile users in the Maldives to easily engage with Ooredoo via Facebook Messenger and Viber platform to check best offers, data add-ons, or manage Ooredoo services using real-time automated answers eliminating the waiting time on the call to reach a customer care agent.

Evee will also allow users to check their Data, SMS, Voice, and bill balances easily via 929. Similar to other Bots, Evee is currently in the learning phase to interact with customers in Dhivehi and will continue to improve user experience through machine learning as she interacts more and more with customers. Customers who wish to acquire services through Evee can simply dial 929, select Dhivehi as the preferred language, and choose option 1 to interact with the AI Powered Digital Assistant, Evee.

Evee was initially launched on 20th October 2019 in the English. The services via the Bot have since then evolved and streamlined services for its customers.