STO to Disburse Share Earnings on Sunday

State Trading Organization (STO) has announced that they will be disbursing their share earnings on Sunday.

STO stated that they will be disbursing MVR 55 per share in their Annual General Meeting held on 30th May. STO added that share earnings will be disbursed from their head offices from Sunday onward. Earnings will also be deposited to the bank accounts of those shareholders who had instructed as such.

Those shareholders taking earnings directly from STO, must provide a copy of their National Identity Card or Share Certificate. If sending a proxy, then the individual must produce a form of identification and a letter signed by the shareholder, as well as copy of the shareholder’s ID card or copy of Share Certificate.

STO also appealed to all shareholders to collect their earnings.

Last financial year, STO earned MVR 211 million as profits.